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My Story

Hi I'm Jen, founder and artist at Florals At No9.  Born and raised in West London, I discovered my love of paper and creative things as a little girl.  My Uncle came by one afternoon with a big ream of plain paper which I went wild with, making all sorts of fancy creations.  Fast forward some years later having travelled to many amazing places through my past job in the airline industry, I discovered the world and fell in love with nature, colourful things and architecture.

After making cards as a hobby for some time, I got the opportunity to make baby shower decorations for my cousin. Both of us are allergic to real flowers so the discovery of paper flowers was perfect and this is how Florals At No9 began.  As flowers are the language of love it is a beautiful way to celebrate the special people in our lives. It is a real joy to create meaningful art for occasions where memories will last for always.

All my products are handmade from high quality, carefully sourced, eco friendly papers and cardstock. Attention to detail is key with me as I have very high standards and believe in good craftsmanship. Each design is individually crafted so no two designs are the same.  I make according to mood, what I see around me and my wild imagination so each design is truly unique.

I thank God for the gift of creativity, the joy it has brought to my life and so many others. I thank my mum, my late dad and my son for all their love and support.  I am forever grateful for everyday I get to share this fabulous gift with you.

Thank you for visiting my shop, I hope you find something beautiful for your loved ones. If you have any questions please get in touch via the Contact page.

Blessings & Floral Smiles